Speakable PBC Summer 2017


Speakable is a small startup in NY seeking to mobilize people to take action on the news that they read. They do this through their product the Action Button, a widget placed in news articles, relating the content of the article to different things you can do about it. They work with publishers such as The Huffington Post, Vice and Time. As a Product Development Intern, I did a mix of front-end development and design.

The Task

My most significant project at Speakable was building a dashboard to report user data to the publishers Speakable works with. The tool was used internally to produce dynamic PDF reports that could be sent straight to clients in order to show them the impact of their partnership with Speakable. Before, they had to manually pull the data and customize their presentations, with little standardization in their reports. The challenge was to make it flexible enough to display different kinds of data depending on the client, but also simple enough to be executable and easy to use. While my fellow intern worked on the back end, I designed and built the front-end from scratch. After initial pen-and-paper sketches, I did multiple mockups using InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop in tandem. I then translated my designs to a workable product using pure HTML, CSS, and Javascript, with Flask on the back end.