HealthyEats Summer 2018

The Task

Healthy Eats is a startup developed by a team that grew out of Princeton the summer of 2018, working to provide a way for people to improve their eating habits in a way that is focused on more than just calorie counting. Ishan Sinha, the founder, asked me to lead the design for their first rollout of the product, so I worked closely with his team to develop comprehensive wireframes and a set of high fidelity mockups. I also created a custom icon set for the project. The market is fairly saturated with dieting apps, so to make it an interesting project, I put a lot of thought into what it would take to make such a product that makes someone feel good about their body. The challenge that persisted throughout the process was how to encourage healthy eating in a way that was cognizant of the ways in which eating is tied up with emotional and mental health. My goal was to use colors, copy, and imagery that helps users feel better about their bodies and teaches them how to take care of themselves better.

These wireframes show the user flow, from onboarding to tracking food intake. The underlying technology allows the user to view menus in various dining halls, choose the food they want, and see a visualization of healthy portions to take, given their personal health goals. Feel free to browse through this interactive demo!