TechEquity Annual Report 2018

From Our Founder

I founded TechEquity two years ago to ensure that the Bay Area’s growing tech economy was creating more opportunity for more people. Despite meeting scores of tech workers who were eager to figure out how to become more civically engaged, I found that the people who worked at the tech companies at the center of our economy were absent from conversations about how to solve our region’s shared problems. This led to a corrosive perception that the tech community didn’t care about its effect on its neighbors.  

We created TechEquity to bring those voices to the table, to heal that civic rift, and to advance policies that would help the benefits of a growing tech economy accrue to more people.

We started small, by hosting talks in the East Bay and San Francisco to deepen our collective understanding of the issues. As our community grew, so did our offerings. In 2018, we hosted 33 events on everything from permitting and the cost of construction to redlining and modern-day segregation. We’ve helped over 1,000 supporters gain the knowledge they need to become active citizens working towards a more equitable Bay Area.

In 2018, we gathered over 1,300 signatures to qualify Prop 13 reform for the 2020 ballot, brought community partners together around statewide legislation to solve our housing crisis, and raised almost $20,000 to support local community organizations. Most importantly, we’ve shown in a tangible way that tech workers want to see a tech-driven economy that works for everyone. We’re so proud of the work we’ve done together and we can’t wait to see what 2019 brings.

Thank you for your continued support and belief in our work.

Catherine Bracy

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Who We Are

We believe the tech industry can and should contribute to broad-based growth that benefits everyone. That instead of being a force for displacement and inequality, tech can create opportunity and widespread prosperity.

Our mission is to mobilize tech workers to create a tech-driven economy in the Bay Area that works for everyone. We educate people in the tech sector around housing and workforce & labor issues and activate them to make change in those key areas.

Meet the Community

“Working in collaboration with TechEquity has been invaluable. Together we’ve been working to make Silicon Valley a place where all workers are valued. TechEquity has been a great partner in raising the profile of workforce and labor issues in Silicon Valley.” Maria Noel Fernandez

Community Partner, Silicon Valley Rising

“I have found TechEquity to be an incredibly supportive platform to engage with local issues in an informed way. I appreciate the balance of beginner-friendly educational resources which have helped me understand the basics of civic engagement in the Bay Area, as well as the nuanced and challenging conversations that TechEquity has facilitated on how the tech community has played a role in issues of inequality in our community.”

James Liu

Tech Worker and TechEquity Member

“So many of the people I’ve met at TechEquity events have told me that they’ve wanted to get more civically engaged but haven’t known how or have been intimidated. I think TechEquity has provided a roadmap for tech workers and a resource for companies that want non-judgmental guidance on how to be a responsible corporate citizen.”

Ellie Casson

Tech Worker and TechEquity Member

“TechEquity has been an incredible partner in developing programming to help educate and engage tech workers alongside the broader community. From conversations with thoughtful authors to the forums to dive into the intricacies of local politics, TechEquity has created space for the civic education needed to be a good member of a community like the Bay Area.”

Ernest Brown

Community Partner, East Bay for Everyone

How We Work

Policy Advocacy


Partnering with organizations that are working most directly with marginalized communities, we engage in policy advocacy that brings to bear the civic power of the tech community on these issues.

Awareness Raising & Connection

We hold educational events that raise awareness about our policy areas among tech workers and social events that builds relationships between Tech and the rest of the community.

Community Engagement

We create relevant, meaningful volunteer opportunities for our members to use their skills and resources to support organizations working on the front lines of our focus areas.

Issue Areas


Everyone deserves to live with a roof over their head. Everyone. No one should have to pay more than one-third of their income for housing in order to live close enough to the jobs that the region’s economy is creating.

Workforce & Labor

As technology radically changes the nature of work, the tech industry must play an active role in advocating for policy solution to ensure broad sections of the workforce aren’t left behind. We also have work to do to make sure the employee base inside the tech industry is representative of the community at large.

What We Did in 2018

We Brought People Together

We brought together hundreds of people at 33 events that tackled a wide range of topics, from the perils of tech in social services to the real costs of building affordable housing to local politics. Each event left our community members with new learnings and motivations to take action. Attend our next event here.

Event Series

We created spaces for tech workers to learn about our affordability crisis from a variety of perspectives, from the hidden costs of building housing to the dangers of digitizing social services.





Policy Briefings

Over the course of the year, we brought briefings on policy campaigns, explanations of the affordability crisis, and conversations on personal and corporate responsibility into company offices and community spaces alike.


House Parties

We went to dozens of tech workers’ homes armed with snacks and facts to share with their friends. We discussed everything from Prop 13 reform to all the major propositions on the ballot and sparked debates and brainstorms all over the Bay.


Expert Panelists

We Educated Voters

For both the June and November elections, we provided resources to our community to inform their votes on critical propositions on housing and workforce & labor. More than 4,500 tech workers used our voter guides, came to a house party, attended our webinar, and read our in-depth blog series, coming away with a clear understanding of what was at stake in these pivotal elections.

We Qualified Historic Prop 13 Reform for the Ballot

This year the statewide coalition Schools and Communities First set out to do the impossible: get an unprecedented reform of the disastrous Proposition 13 onto the ballot. Once this reform passes in 2020, $10 billion in recouped taxes will go back into schools, housing, and other social services across the state.
As part of the coalition, we rallied our tech workers to collect enough signatures to submit the initiative to the ballot. Over the course of two weekends, our community collected 1,300 signatures, contributing to the total 860,000 signatures that far exceeded the state requirement for ballot initiatives.

We Raised Thousands for Community Organizations

Giving Circle

Each quarter a group of our community members gets together to collectively benefit a local organization. In 2018 we raised $3,382 in our campaigns for Techtonica, a workforce development organization for low-income women and nonbinary people in the Bay, and Youth Uprising, a youth empowerment organization in East Oakland. Join our Giving Circle here.


Silent Auction


In partnership with East Bay Young Democrats, the City of Oakland, and East Bay for Everyone, we held a silent auction to support the residents of the Northgate Community Cabins, a short-term housing solution for unsheltered people in Oakland. We raised $13,575, all of which went towards supplying household items to our neighbors transitioning into housing.


Fair Chance to Housing

At the end of 2018 we launched our Fair Chance to Housing campaign with the Dellums Institute for Social Justice to remove a critical barrier to formerly incarcerated people getting housing. The Dellums Institute hired three Outreach and Policy Leaders to act as the bridge between the community and our campaign, and our tech workers showed up and contributed enough to hire the third. With these leaders, we’re aiming to win this important reform in all of Alameda County in the coming year. Learn more about our campaign here.


What’s on Tap for 2019 

Turning Education Into Action

This year we’re focusing on taking our educated community members and giving them avenues to turn that knowledge into action. Whether it’s policy advocacy, work in local organizations, or direct action, we’re connecting our community members with tangible ways they can contribute to the Bay Area.
Co-sponsoring statewide housing legislation
Launching Schools and Community First campaign
Advising tech companies on equity strategies
Launching responsible contracting report cards

Our Team

Catherine Bracy

Catherine Bracy

Executive Director

Fahad Qurashi

Fahad Qurashi

Director of South Bay Programming

Becca Blazak

Becca Blazak

Director of Programs

Marion Wellington

Marion Wellington

Content and Communications Manager

Megan Abell

Megan Abell

Director of Advocacy & Organizing

German Calderon

German Calderon

Community Coordinator

Thank You to Our Community Partners

Our Beloved Communities Action Network

System Reset

Thank You to Our Corporate Partners

Thank You to Our Policy Committees

Housing Advisors

Workforce & Labor Advisors

Brian Hanlon
Carol Galante
Gloria Bruce
Heather Hood
Fernando Marti
Margaretta Lin

Chris Benner
Derecka Mehrens
Efrem Bycer
Natalie Foster

Housing Committee

Workforce & Labor Committee

Adam Garrett-Clark
Alex Lofton
Daniil Karp
David Peters
Derek Slater
Ellie Casson
Genevieve Herreria
Gina Tomlinson
Heather Bromfield
James Liu
Liz Allen
Mike Schiraldi
Molly Turner
Ryan Ko
Sonam Jindal

Ben Keller
Chandni Kazi
Charlie Rybak
Evan Gastman
Evan Gelfand
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Pinal Shah
Samantha Harrington
Serena Keith
Tiffany Furrell
Tomas Quinonez Riegos
Wendy Yu

Thank You to Our Board

Caitlyn Fox

Caitlyn Fox

Cedric Brown

Cedric Brown

Darrell Jones III

Darrell Jones III

Erica Baker

Erica Baker

James Hurd Nixon

James Hurd Nixon

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Zack Rosen

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Jose Corona

John Lyman

John Lyman

Kim-Mai Cutler

Kim-Mai Cutler

Lindsay Baker

Lindsay Baker

Tracey Ross

Tracey Ross

Susan Mernit

Susan Mernit

Thank You to Funders

John Wolthuis

Paul Graham

Ron Conway

2018 Financials

Total Revenue: $725,275

Total Expenses: $566,014

Thank you for being with us in 2018; we really couldn’t do it without you. To support our efforts in 2019 and beyond, please donate here.